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Payment Options


We accept EFTPOS throughout all TradeTools stores. however, the physical card must be present for payment. This option does not atract any extra charges or delays.

Credit Cards

Visa & MasterCard

We accept both MasterCard and Visa. If you need to make a purchase and have someone collect it for you, please contact one of our stores directly to discuss how we can help. Neither or these options atract any extra charges or delays*.

*We take your payment security seriously. To help protect you from potential Credit Card fraud, sales processed using Credit Card online (via eWay) may be selected for additional security verification. If your order is selected for this extra security verification, we will contact you by email and you will need to verify the amount of a small charge & refund made to your card before we can dispatch your order. If you are unable to easily access this information, please select an alternative payment method. For the fastest order processing time please pay via PayPal.

American Express

We accept American Express. Unfortunately, taking advantage of this payment option will attract a 1% surcharge of your order total. This payment option is not available online.


We accept PayPal through TradeTools online store. This option does not atract any extra charges or delays.

Direct Deposit

We accept Direct Deposit as a payment method for orders, however, goods cannot be released until the payment has been confirmed.

Lay Buy

We offer Lay Buy through all TradeTools stores. Please see the terms and condtions below:

  1. You can lay-by purchases of $100 or more at TradeTools stores and spread the payment over a number of weeks. To establish a lay-by, you must pay a 20% deposit. Lay-bys are available for up to 16 weeks and regular fortnightly payments of at least $5 must be made.
  2. Payments can only be made in the TradeTools store where the lay-by was set up.
  3. You can only collect your purchases as soon as you have paid in full for the lay-by. Photo identification is required when collecting your purchases.
  4. Lay-bys may be cancelled by you at any time during the term, in which case you will be entitled to a refund of the amount you have paid. You will need to have photo identification with you to cancel a lay-by. Refunds for lay-by payments will be made using the original payment method only.
  5. It is your responsibility to make the regular lay-by repayments and collect your purchases by the due date. Failure to make payments when they are due or collect lay-bys by the due date will be treated as cancellation of the lay-by.
  6. Lay-by is not available for online purchases. Lay-by contents cannot be modified. You may change your contact details or request a replacement lay-by receipt, provided you present photo identification.

Gift Cards

All TradeTools stores** are equipped to accept Gift Cards. Please see the terms and condtions below:

  1. Note: Gift Cards are redeemable in-store only. Cannot be used online.
  2. Gift Cards cannot be ordered with any other products.
  3. Please ensure this Gift Card is treated like cash, as lost or stolen cards cannot be either replaced or refunded!
  4. This card is only redeemable for goods and services at participating TradeTools stores (**Excludes Hervey Bay & Bundaberg store).
  5. These cards arrive preloaded and are valid for 36 months from the purchase date and are not redeemable for cash.


We do accept Cheques throughout all TradeTools stores, however, we cannot release the goods until payment has cleared. This can attract wait times of 3-5 business days. This payment option is not available online.

Apple Pay

All TradeTools stores are equipped to accept Apple Pay.

Google Pay

All TradeTools stores are equipped to accept Google Pay.

Interest Free Payment Options

ZipPay, OpenPay & AfterPay

We constantly monitor the market for the best payment solutions for our customers. We don't have an expected time as to when we'll be implementing ZipPay, OpenPay or AfterPay, but we will be sure to let you know when we do. To register your interest please:Contact Us

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