• The TT Girls

Meet Ally

From a young age Ally always wanted to learn about building structures, so she became a fully qualified carpenter. With over 7 years in the construction industry, Ally has had her hands on a lot of tools. From throwing up roof trusses to nailing off decks & core filling block work… Ally sure has acquired some pretty rare skills for your typical female! From cabinet making to landscaping, Ally has assembled drawers, doors & shelves, laid turf, shovelled dirt & moved tonnes of gravel (literally… Tonnes). She was also one of the tradies at the forefront of building, installing & maintaining vertical gardens!

“If its stupid and it works, its not stupid”

Going down the carpentry route definitely was a challenge for Ally & her team never, ever let her take the easy option, no matter the task at hand. Growing up with all boys, Ally has the quickest wit in town, which she’s also learnt from constantly being the only girl on-site! Ally more often than not, is in trouble for pranking, talking way too much & filming everything, so when this TT Girls opportunity came knocking which incorporated Ally’s super unique skillset of tool knowledge, camera work & personality, she jumped at the chance… & here she is!

Meet Bridget

Prior to being a TT Girl, Bridget spent well over 6 years working in the marine industry as a water sports stuntwoman & boat operator! She’s creative, she’s active & she’s always super hands on. Drawn to adrenalin, Bridget finds herself chasing thrilling activities & pushing herself to her limits on the daily… Sometimes too far (which has lead to some epic stories).

“Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone”

Boasting to be both a licensed commercial captain AND a certified personal trainer, Bridget sure has acquired a tonne of knowledge from her marine background, such as event promotions, marine mechanics, electrical works, 3D design & construction! After travelling to over 23 different countries & working abroad for 2 years as a full-time water sports stunt performer, she now joins the TT Girls, where she can put most of these skills to good use!

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